Red Foxtail – Myriophyllum heterophyllum / Bare Root

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A perennial, aquatic herb that has leaves of two noticeably different forms. The submerged leaves are finely dissected, whorled, reddish/greenish-brown, and 1/2-2 1/2 inches long. The emergent leaves are small, oval, bright green, whorled and up to ¼ in. (0.6 cm) wide. Emergent leaves stand 6-8 inches out of the water and may not be apparent until late summer. Flowering occurs from June to September. Flowers are emergent on 2-12 inches, green to reddish stalks. Petals are less than 0.1 inch in length and are subtended by downward curved bracts. Fruits are small, nearly round and have a rough surface. Native to much of temperate North America, excluding the west.

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